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Recent feedback from customers who have benefited from the services available.


  • Joseph ThorntonThe Carbon Trust
    I cannot speak highly enough of Debra. She is incredibly resourceful when it comes to finding useful information on different career sectors. From my own experience, this is especially so for less mainstream sectors where the extensive and readily available career guides that exist for larger areas, for example accountancy, perhaps do not exist. Debra has a very strong network. I am happy to count myself among that network and will always be happy to provide my own experience should Debra ever need it. Debra’s help with my CV and Cover Letters was invaluable. A number of HR managers commented on how much they liked the format and content of my CV, for which Debra must take the credit. Her enthusiasm and drive were also infectious, and if someone’s energy levels are waning, as can often happen while searching for jobs, she has a unique ability to reignite them. Year first hired: 2011 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value